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Version 3.0 Released! Industry Suitability

Welcome to the home of OSDial, the popular full-featured predictive dialer, which through the use of Open Source licenses greatly reduce cost without sacrificing quality or functionality. Able to dial in every imaginable way, these are the most flexible and cost-effective dialers available today. And although dialers are a technical subject, you will find that our representatives are especially willing to take the time to discuss the subject in a layman language.

Contact us to discuss your best options, call 800-221-0251.

For the sake of simplicity we have narrowed down your options to six different paths, with a brief intro to let you move along the one that suits you best. They are:

do it yourself we install for you turnkey

Option 1 can be accomplished by downloading our free DVD image, burning it onto a DVD and installing to your existing server. Today that is much easier as our DVD does a complete install with all the features we've become known for. You will need to know what you are doing. If you run into trouble you can always contact us for support.

Option 2 means that you already have server(s) that are suitable and would like us to do the work of installing and configuring it for your specific needs. This can be a good option when you have servers with good enough components to handle the high load.

Option 3 delivers you a completely ready-to-go dialer(s). It is state-of-the-art equipment and comes with three years of on-site hardware support. Thanks to our licensing and marketing philosophy it is usually a lot less costly than your typical dialer. This option buys you peace of mind.

support information

Option 4 is an easy method to get a hands-on view before committing, and verify that your hardware is compatible. Nothing is written to disk, as it is running entirely off a CD or USB/Flash drive. The tradeoff is the lack of speed, and not being able to save when you power down. This is also an out of date solution which is not intended for production.

Option 5 is there when you need help with a problem. It can be training, installation or configuration work. It also applies to customizations, for when you need additional functionality.

Option 6 covers information about us and our products, support, license information, feature, screen shots, update notices, license information, etc.

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