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Update Instructions and Announce List

The New Website OSDial.com Is Replacing This Site!

To apply all updates and patches, login as root, then type:

  yum clean all;yum update

(You will need to have Version or higher.)

Please note that an upgrade to the database can result in long processing time as the change is implemented. This becomes more and more an issue the higher the call volume is within the shorter amount of time. In other words a million calls made within six months can be easy to process, while a million calls made within a week will be a lot harder, and take longer to process.

Let's use as an example.

The first three numbers are separated with periods and indicates the version of OSDial (2.2.0). The fourth is the database version (037). The last two numbers are build numbers that we track for internal purposes. The first one shows how many times we posted updates. And the last shows how many times we built a version that you can download. Which in this case means that during 2009 there were 173 updates available covering 584 changes.

This potentially long upgrade would have to have both 1) a version increase in any of the first three numbers, and 2) an increase in the fourth, the database version.

When the database version increases the upgrade can potentially take a long time, maybe days, again depending on how many calls are made within a short amount of time. If you are uncertain you can have us look into your dialer and come up with a close estimation.

For a mostly current list of changes see the Change Log.

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